Catherine MacDonald

Catherine MacDonald is a young, ambitious Realtor specializing in relocations and both the sale and purchase of properties. Catherine is a graduate of Carleton University who was awarded, upon graduation, high honours in her double major of Human Rights & Law.

Having spent the entirety of her life surrounded by family with strong ties to real estate and development in the City of Ottawa, it was a natural choice that Catherine began a career in the real estate profession, beginning with property management while studying in university.

With over 4+ years experience in the property management field, Catherine has a considerable knowledge of the rental market, particularly in the downtown core of Ottawa. Catherine MacDonald specializes in applying this knowledge when dealing with clients who are either looking to purchase or sell investment/rental properties. Her vast knowledge of the rental market is extremely valuable, and is much sought after by clients looking to get current and accurate information regarding rental market fluctuation and rental trends.

Catherine has proven that she is dedicated to providing unsurpassed client and resident relations as a property manager, and as a result, has seen her clientele as repeat customers who were once tenants, are now clients looking to become property owners.

With deep ties to the City of Ottawa, and having spent her entire life working and living in Ottawa, Catherine has an extensive knowledge of the city and its many neighbourhoods. Catherine prides herself on giving all of her clients the most precise and up-to-date information and feedback concerning the state of the real estate market throughout the city.

Catherine epitomizes energy, hard work and integrity in every detail of the real estate transaction!

Please contact Catherine anytime without obligation. She is eager to offer her assistance and go to work for you today!

Sales Representative

Office: 613-236-9551
Fax: 613-236-2692

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