Heather Smith

Heather Smith is an Ottawa native who loves to share her enthusiasm for life in the vibrant capital city of Ottawa. It has numerous cultural sports and culinary diversions and unbelievably easy access to surrounding countryside. Without the long commutes and snarled traffic of much larger cities, Ottawa is blessed with a multitude of easily accessible, desirable residential areas from sophisticated urban neighbourhoods to distinctive suburban enclaves, many of which Heather has lived in while growing up or while raising her family here. She knows the schools, the amenities and the resources.

Heather has worked and volunteered throughout Ottawa in the Federal government, the not-for-profit sector arts organizations and local school and community activities, earning a personal brand as smart, knowledgeable, hard-working and trustworthy.

Being a realtor allows Heather to indulge her love of working with people and of new challenges every day–each real estate deal is different. She understands the anxiety of making a move. Its not just about buying a home, its about finding and participating in a community. She will listen to your unique needs and wants, and looks forward to ensuring a smooth and successful experience for your next move.

Heather will share her extensive knowledge of Ottawa and her skills as a realtor to make dreams come true; the right house in the right place at the right price.

Visit Heather’s site at: http://www.heathersmith.ca/

Sales Representative

Office: 613-236-9551
Fax: 613-236-2692

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