Why Use Us

With so many demands being made on your time, it is important to know that all you need is one hour to benefit from over 75 years of real estate experience.

The experienced professionals at Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Company know and understand the importance of maximizing the effective use of your time… to ensure that you have the right information as quickly as you need it.

In real estate, as in life, there is no substitute for experience. Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Company, with over 75 years in Ottawa’s real estate market, has consistently been a top performer, much to the benefit of those who have chosen Rhodes for their real estate needs. The firm has remained proudly locally-owned and managed by a group of hands-on partners. As many others have found, CB Rhodes’ stability, strength and in-depth knowledge is a great comfort in these times of rapid change.

The important decision you make regarding representation, however, will be based on more than just experience. You will want to work with someone you can trust. That’s why Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Company selects their agents carefully. Each maintains the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. They are highly skilled, full-time proven performers, disciplined in their approach and sensitive to your needs. While each comes from a diverse background, the entire team is united by the vision of delivering impeccable, personal service and superior results. After all, Coldwell Banker Rhodes & Company – and you – demands nothing less than this level of quality.

Spend an hour with one of our sales representatives and take advantage of over 75 years of experience.